We are a casual game development team at

Custom Games Studio


2D and 3D action games, FPS and TPS shooters


From platformers and rhythm games to roguelike and shooters


Colorful graphics and a variety of mechanics for addictive gameplay


Trivia, coloring, board games for the whole family


Explore,  RPG elements


Races and endless runs equipped with boosters and collectibles


Entertaining sports games across a spectrum of environments

Games of  chance

Dices, coin flips, plinkos, and other game of chance minigames

Wild West

American frontier, cowboys, horses, and guns


Balanced mechanics to build Tower Defense, RTS- or TBS-like games


From classic games such as solitaires to collectible card games


Party games, cooperatives, monopoly-like games

Building for Mobile and Web

Publish your games on application stores or distribute them on the web and via social media platforms from Facebook to Telegram.

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Rapid releases and game evolution

Dive into experimentation, validate hypotheses, and tailor experiences for diverse audiences, igniting excitement and anticipation at every turn.

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2-3 weeks to playable build

Go from concept to playable build in just weeks. Start playtesting early to grasp player perception without overthinking.

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Collect feedback and evolve

Whether through targeted audience engagement, silent launches, or full-scale release, embrace the uncertainty and adapt to what works.

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Continuous updates and game content production

Expand your players' adventure endlessly with new levels, game mechanics, cosmetics, and digital treasures awaiting discovery

Granular services

We do contract work for game studios covering game content production, integrations, quality assurance and more.

Game mechanics

Get a consistent GDD equipped with game development roadmap, pre-requisite analysis, concept art and gameplay mechanics prototype.

Game art

Immerse players in captivating visuals with a streamlined art pipeline covering concept art, character design, environment modeling, and textures.

Physics and animation

Stick to exaggerated behaviors or enhance realism and fluidity with advanced physics and dynamic animations for responsive, engaging gameplay.

Level design

Craft intricate and captivating game environments that challenge and delight players. We utilize level design principles to create meaningful gameplay experiences.

Sound design

From ambient soundscapes to dynamic sound effects, well-crafted sound design enhances the atmosphere and emotion of your game.

Player progression

Motivate players with rewarding mechanics like leveling up, unlocking abilities, and earning achievements for long-term engagement.

Key tech stack

At CGS, we prioritize using the best-suited technologies and tools


Our assets are designed to meet the latest online gaming standards and conventional approaches to graphic content delivery. We enable seamless integration of the assets into games, easier animation, and automation.

After Effects

Animating sprites and effects, preparing image sequences ready to be imported into a game engines like Unity or Unreal Engine.


Creating complex movements and interactions of characters or other game assets with skeletal animations.

AI Art

Leveraging AI Art capabilities for creating in-game visual assets with Stable Diffusion and Midjourney. All the AI art produced is placed under seasoned artists' control, refinement and enhancement.


Unity is CGS's platform of choice for web, mobile and cross-platform games creation. We continuously nurture our Unity excellence center to deliver highly interactive, smooth and engaging gameplay


Godot is a great framework for versatile game development. From web to mobile and cross-platform projects, we leverage our expertise to create immersive, dynamic, and seamless gaming experiences using the Godot engine.


Tailored for web, mobile, and cross-platform creation, our Cocos proficiency ensures the delivery of captivating and interactive gameplay with a focus on smooth performance and engagement.


CGS's technical capacity allows for building rich JS-based games for any platforms supporting browser rendering, including smart TVs. In addition, our expertise comprises several specialized JS game dev frameworks such as Phaser and Thee.js


Leveraging TypeScript to produce robust code and reduce runtime errors, leading to better code quality and fewer bugs in complex game projects. Our expertise extends to several specialized Typescript game development frameworks like Pixi.js and Cocos2d-x, ensuring high-quality and optimized gaming experiences.


Leveraging advantages in handling large amounts of concurrent connections with non-blocking event-driven architecture


Delivering highly integrated backend environments, empowering synergy with Azure cloud and other Microsoft's services, applications and products


Building high-performance business logic layers, applying best-match utilization of Java frameworks and open-source building blocks

Cloud platforms

Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Microsoft Azure and Azure DevOps
Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Microservices, containers




Getting started is easier than you might think